Course Introduction & Table of Contents

Introduction from James & Rishub

We created this course because we saw a gap between the innovation in the Blockchain industry and the existing educational resources about Blockchain. In this introduction, we outline some of the topics that we find to be particularly important for someone that is interested in Blockchain to understand. These topics do not comprehensively cover the innovations in the industry, but they give a strong overview of the types of topics that exist in Blockchain beyond the topics that are traditionally covered in media and educational content about Blockchain. This selection of topics are intended provide a productive, technical, academic, and research-based foundation in Blockchain that will allow the everyday Blockchain enthusiast to adequately evaluate and analyze new technologies and projects within the Blockchain industry.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction to Blockchain
  2. Blockchain Scalability
  3. Privacy in Blockchain
  4. Hackability of the Blockchain
  5. Oracles: Getting Real World Data onto the Blockchain
  6. Stablecoins
  7. Cryptocurrency Exchanges
  8. Tradeoffs in Blockchain

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